Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A small get-away

Hubby, BigBro and I went to Cannon Beach for a few nights. This is the place we like to stay at (because they allow kids and dogs)The weather forecast was rain, rain and more rain...

The bright side: it rained very little and mostly at night

The not-so-bright side: BigBro and I caught a cold just before we left

It was very nice to spend time together, just the three of us and if any of us had to be sick -- at least there were lots of helping hands.

Two evenings ago, we spent time on the beach: catching sand shrimp (I don't know what they really are, but it's what we call them), throwing rocks in the water (little rivers of storm water running across the beach and into the ocean), and trying to keep Stanley from killing any seagulls. As I stood there, the sun was setting, the clouds were low and patchy, the wind lightly gusty and cold -- the sun had literally set the sky and clouds ablaze in red, yellow, blue, purple and orange. I looked west towards the setting sun and felt like I was floating. Aren't His creations wonderful and awe inspiring?

This morning I walked Stanley on the beach. It was cold, but not as windy as some of the other days. The sky was blue and crystal clear. Then I noticed. When the tide is going out, the ocean will often leave ruts or troughs in the sand. If you focus on one of the ruts, you'll see that they aren't exactly beautiful, but if you look up and see, hear, feel and smell the whole picture... It's absolutely breathtaking. I especially loved how wave after wave flowed over the sand forming many ruts. In a metaphorical sense it reminded me that, like a wave, one life can wash over and touch so many other lives.

I am not usually one to buy those kitchy, cliche plaques that many people adorn their home with, but i couldn't help myself.

Last, but not least, I uploaded some pictures of our fun on our picture sharing blog.

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