Monday, June 15, 2009

finished the entry way

I've had most of these pieces of furniture for almost two years, but had been waiting to find just the right things to put up on the walls...

I reframed two early 1900's etchings (an inexpensive ebay find)
-- and then, Donna found this... (to go over my settee)
What is it, you ask? Well it came to me with the back side of it showing (when it was framed previously) -- which, by the way, looks like this:
And -- it badly needed new plexiglass. It is a page from a very old hymnal (ye olde page is written with a quill on an animal skin). It is written in latin and originally sat in front of the church choir and someone used a page-turner to turn the pages for the choir. We did some digging and it's a 17th century antiphonal and the latin reads:
The first three italicized words are assumed to be on the page just prior to this one. I also had it translated and it says:

Since my tribulation is at hand and there is none to help me
But you Lord do not keep your help far away from me,
look to my defence. I have been troubled in you since I was in the womb, in the very womb...

The first two lines are most probably from Psalms (which is my favorite part of the bible) 22 and I don't really know where the third line was going (or if it came from the bible), since I only have the one page.

So personal

(Gives me goose bumps, really) and -- I purchased it before I knew what exactly it was or what it said.

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That is really incredible - it gives me goosebumps too. I wonder how many tiny personal details He gives us that we just never even catch. This was certainly one of those, I think.