Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Belated Christmas Pictures

This beautiful porcelain egg was received just before Christmas from dear, sweet Kathleen. Kathleen, I just received your card on Friday (Jan. 23) and I must say: Finn is so handsome! And so tiny! He looks just like an angel... I had meant to post pictures of the thoughtful gift that you sent us for Christmas - and I am sorry that I neglected uploading pictures from our camera for soooo long!

Once we received the package, we had tucked it under our Christmas tree & waited until Christmas Day to open it. Of course, I cried instantly when I opened it. I've never seen anything like this! The touching script on the bottom says, "If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again". At the very bottom is a wind up key and to my pleasant surprise, I found that it plays Amazing Grace! The 'egg' opens and inside there's a crystal encrusted stairway with a holy cross at the very top. The egg is sitting on a shelf in our living room - right next to our wedding picture.

Okay, so I teased you with that one! NOW you can see the whole wedding picture!
That was such a long time ago - who are those people?

Last, but certainly not least! One of my 'new' Republican friends sent these wonderful thoughtful Christmas ornaments to us:

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Stacy D said...

Love the ornaments!

Saw your post on my blog... I have read The Shack (very coo) and am reading Waiting With Gabriel right now (along w/ the Philip Yancey book). Plan on reviewing them in a bit :)