Friday, January 30, 2009

Conversations about death with an almost 4 year old

While these conversations don't occur everyday, they happen at least once a week... I've always meant to journal some of these, (mostly because some of the conclusions BigBro comes to - or the things he asks are soooo sweet) - so here's my first attempt.

Earlier today BigBro and I were in the car and he asks me, "When we die, why can't we go home?"

As usual, this lead to a conversation about God, heaven, Owen and what death means. Usually BigBro asks why Owen can't come home - or - insists that we must dig him up and bring him home... (If only it worked like that sweetie.) I explain how heaven is all around us, so in a sense Owen is always near us.

This time after I explained about how death isn't the end for us (heaven exists) and how God is in heaven, just like Owen is in heaven, BigBro sweetly asks, "Is Owen cuggling* with God?"

Of course I answered, "Yes", with a big smile.

*See, in our house, since BigBro was a tiny baby, he and I have cuddled almost every night before he goes to bed. Since BigBro first started talking he has pronounced the word cuddle as cuggle.

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