Friday, December 5, 2008

Giving the middle finger to Providence St. Vincent's / Providence Health Plans

This is what I sent to Providence:

This is not a question, but a comment that does not need a response. As a Catholic institution, I am apalled that some of your providers encourage women to terminate a pregnancy. According to the Catholic tradition, it is morally wrong for a Doctor to ever suggest terminating a pregnancy. In my case, the doctor never suggested the 'choice' of carrying to term; nor did this person provide any resources for someone who wishes to carry a baby to term (when the diagnosis is one where the baby likely won't live long after birth). I was treated like it was a 'given' that I would terminate. Instead of continuing care with someone whom doesn't respect the 'pro-life' viewpoint, I sought out another doctor (at Legacy). Having a difficult diagnosis is gut-wrenching enough - I didn't need to fight the doctor every step of the way. I ended up delivering at a nearby Legacy Hospital. For my subsequent children, I will deliver there again. I will discourage everyone I can from delivering at St. Vincent's. I encouraged my husband to drop Providence as the health insurance provider to our small business. We will never support your organization again. Shame on you. Just look at the 'newsletter' this provider puts out:

Reading this, I am reminded of President Clinton's comment about 'it depends on what your definition of 'is' is'... Disgusting how doctors use lawyer terms, definitions and 'intentions' to skirt the Catholic beliefs. It is so obvious that they are violating the spirit and true intent of the Catholic belief system -- to value all life. There is value to all life - even if it's a short life or a life of disability.


Their BIG, huge response:

Dear private:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We appreciate that you took the time to offer this feedback and will forward it to the appropriate leaders within Providence.


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