Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Pictures

I thought I'd share what our house looks like after holiday decorating (since we just chopped down the tree Saturday). Don't you just love the smell of a tree in your house? You can overlook the tree sap and needles all over your house, right?

Oh, wow - that's the biggest tree I've ever had in a house! That big guy's 8.5 ft tall.Sorry the picture's soooo dark. Yep, you counted right - four stockings: one each for Daddy, Mommy, BigBro and (yes!) Owen. I couldn't possibly not hang a stocking on our first christmas without Owen.
Village on the credenza in our entryway. I've had this village (thanks grandma!) for a very long time. It hasn't seen the light of day for a few years.Wiry tree on our dining room table. Can you believe this was our christmas tree for a few years?Last, but not least - some images of the new ornaments on the tree this year.

BigBro & I picked up the wooden shapes and letters at Michael's. We painted and glued this cute airplane together!