Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Medical establishment delete 'Baby' from the dictionary

I have met some of the most interesting people because of Owen. One of my new friends (J), used to work in a medical setting. I've had a few conversations about her old job - which have ALL been enlightening. Did you know that when a baby is aborted (which, by the way, yes - even happens inside a bricks-n-mortar hospital) that doctors call the remains POC? This acronym stands for product of conception. Yes, amongst many other scary things - I learned that the Oregon Health Plan (your & my taxes) pays for these hospital abortions. Truly, it is no wonder why many doctors are so 'liberal' (that would be the modern day political term (which is actually a form of collectivism/socialism - can you say newspeak, anyone?), not the actual term that you might find in a dictionary referring to the political idea holding individual liberty of the utmost political ideal)... They are totally liberalized during their schooling! Embryo, Fetus, POC... What ever happened to the word baby??!?? It's not like I have ever heard any of my pro-choice friends ask one another (while pregnant) how their fetus is doing. Really, what happened to the word baby?

Anyway, for those preggos following my blog, today's conversation with J lead to my updating #22 on 'Questions for creating a birth plan'. I had no idea that doctors did this, often, even when the baby's death is due to a known chromosomal issue. Mostly, doctors do this because of their constant fear of being sued.

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pterodactyl17 said...

My science geek friends would refer to Sam as an embryo and fetus. Even though I wanted to wait for the sex surprise, the bi-weekly ultra sounds made it impossible to avoid his need to show off his parts. When the news got out that Ida or Sam was for sure going to be Sam, I was glad when they started calling our baby Sam.

I do not think the doctors are so much 'liberal' in their thoughts in the terminology that they use, they are simply being too literal. I was pretty hurt when the ultra sound tech said that Sam looked like a gummy bear, I thought he was the most beautiful baby from day 5, when we found out I was pregnant.

The use of POC shocked me, it was one of those hurdles you have to get over, and certainly blow whistles to policies that do not belong in civilized society. You just have to pray for the families and for each one of the babies.