Friday, December 19, 2008


I started this blog to not only journal my journey through grief. I hope to look back one day - see how far we've come, tell Owen's story and maybe help others who may be at the beginning of this journey. You see, early on, it was the internet, not the medical establishment, that showed us the hope and beauty... rather than hopelessness. Anyway, I had thought of writing and what really pushed me was that I 'met' a local woman at the beginning of her journey. I met her because of Katie @ A Butterfly's Touch (thanks Katie!!!). I think that part of my heart healing will be in helping others. I'll call this woman Kay. Kay's unborn child doesn't have trisomy 18, but a similarly devastating diagnosis. I've spent time over the last two weeks emailing and calling Kay. I've also picked up a few things just for her and her sweet child. Today, I finally met her in person! She's so sweet. I know exactly how she's feeling. So many questions, so much that is unknown, and having faith in God's plan.

I've started donating Precious Impressions kits to a couple of local hospitals. One even asked me for my checklist of making memories in the hospital (which prompted this post). I also asked a new crafty friend of mine (who happens to have lots of crafty friends at her church) to make white gowns for one hospital... (BTW J - To finish the baby shoes that I started crocheting, I've got to wait for a yarn store to open (darn snow & ice!). I've started knitting a baby blanket with my own yarn & needles. I hope it doesn't turn out to be the ugliest thing that you've ever seen!)

I don't know where all of this leads, but I hope to round up some of these new friends (along with making some other new friends) and help get a perinatal hospice started somewhere in the Portland metropolitan area.

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Erica said...

How sweet of you. I've been wanting to eventually do or make something for the hospital that our little one was born at. They gave us blankets other people made and memory boxes and a hat. They didn't have any clothes small enough for her, so i was thinking of making 'tiny' outfits for babies who are under 1lb. Maybe someday I will be able to find someone to teach me to sew to make that into a reality.