Sunday, December 7, 2008


Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Mel came over yesterday to watch BigBro while Hubby and I went to see a play at Rolling Hills Community Church (Tualatin, Oregon). The play was called Promises. All the actors were the most talented church members I've ever seen. The play had several stories intertwined therein; many had made a promise that they chose to keep. The stories about how we can get it wrong, yet still get it so very right was inspiring.
As an aside, everytime I go to this church (no not every Sunday, but a couple times a month anyway) - I just cry and cry. It's not sobbing, just tears streaming down my face. It's because everytime I go to church I'm hurting. The emptiness and pain are so deep and there I am - sitting and thinking 'I'm giving it to God'. How else do you deal with it?

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ThereseAnn said...

We were surprised at Natalia's birth with her t13 diagnosis. I, like many moms were shocked, couldn't believe this could happen to me. And all the other emotions that come with accepting a special needs child, and the desperate hope you have that all will be well.

How did I handle it? I sat in church. For the first year of her life I would site for hour/hours at a time, singing... with her by my side..Just wanting God to pour his love into me so I could cope. Eventually I felt better and didn't need to be there everyday.

But the desire was great that first year, so that is what I did.. Just kept asking him to fill me... fill me with his love. I needed his strength to help me tackle each day. I know he gave me that strength, but I had to ask each day, and eventually I became stronger.